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Traditional Slot Machines

Traditional Slot Machines, or called "Slot" in the America. Lucky Fruit or Fruit machines in the UK. Slots are the most popular, hottest and craziest games all over the word. It's easy to play, perfect lighting and sound effects, exciting while playing. Such of these famous casinos are mostly located at Las Vegas and Macau.

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Traditional Slot Machine - Fruit Machine

Online Slot Games

Casinos provide a lot of entertainment games for players, but it is not so convenient for everyone because limited by the time and space. For this reason, online slot machines were invented. You can find online casinos through the Internet and play online slot games in anywhere. The best thing is that FC178 online casino can provide more promotions than traditional casinos, such as free 178 pesos for members to play. You can transfer your money into your account through GCASH after you won the prizes.

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Online Slot Game - JILI Super 777
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FC178 serves our members best. There're hundreds of slot games for our members from famous game manufacturers, such as JILI, PG, JDB, FA CHAI, CQ9, AE, PLAYSTAR and so on. FC178 members always can find the best slot games for themselves in FC178 slot hall.

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PG slot slot games slot machine online slot.webp
JDB slot slot games slot machine online slot.webp
FC slot slot games slot machine online slot.webp
CQ9 slot slot games slot machine online slot.webp
AE slot slot games slot machine online slot.webp
PLAYSTAR slot slot games slot machine online slot.webp
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Pretty same as traditional slot machines, but online slots games has no the physical handler to start spinning. All you need to do is just click the spin button on the display. Once the 3 symbols (or 5 ) are in the one line at the middle of the screen, then you won a prize! If they are 3 symbols same in the one line, that's perfect! Congratulations! You won a jackpot!

Never burnout

More and more gaming manufacturers work on online slot games and fishing games, suck as JILI, JDB, Fa-Chai, PG, AE, CQ9 and so on. They always launch the latest design and surprising idea every year! Players can play online slots at home or anywhere.

For the jackpot

One of the reasons why slots are so attractive is the accumulated bonus. When slot machines accumulate a certain credits from players, it will be distributed to one player at a time, and the bonus is very amazing! That's why slot players love it, get rich this time!



Slot games are the leader of gambling games, in addition to millions of styles and designs of slot, there are also different branches in slots. The most common three reel machine we call "classic slot machine", and the another one is the multi-line slot machine. Multi-line slot machines are easy to win, but the prizes are smaller than classic slots. Both classic slots and multiple line slots have their own characteristics and have their fans. You always find your favorite slot in FC178 online casino.


The gameplay of slots is very easy, choose the one you like, 3 or 5 reels, the theme and the style, then enter the game and place your bet. Please note that the only bet the amount you can afford, no over betting is very important. Please responsible gambling, slot games are just games.

Live games and sports maybe can reply on the analysis and prediction to raise your winning chance, but not slots. The odds of slots are set at the beginning, you may hear RTP rate ( return to player rate) or house edge (the opposite word of RTP). Choose a slot game with high RTP rate is very important to you if you want to win. FC178 provides the slot games with high RTP to members, we wish all FC178 members can have fun and make money on FC178 casino.

Bet carefully, try to get the pattern of the slot game, decrease the bet when start losing, increase your bet when winning.

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To be a king of slot, make money from online slot games. Learn from professionals from all over the world.

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