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Halloween Special Activity Is Coming to FC178

Halloween Activity: Daily Turnover Rebate 1.4% for All Players

Are you tired of receiving less turnover rebates when you play with a significant amount of credits? FC178 is here to let you know that we always have your back. Play games at FC178 and receive a 1.4% turnover rebate every day. This applies to all players; whether you're a high-level member, you get 1.4%, or if you're just new here from other online casinos, you get a 1.4% rebate. Moreover, FC178 offers numerous activities that other casinos don't, such as "Free Register Gifts," "Lucky Draw," "Free Daily Login Rewards," "Deposit Bonuses," and "Challenge Bonuses."

Why do most Filipinos love FC178?

Is it because FC178 offers many free bonuses?

Is it because FC178 provides a plethora of valuable deposit bonuses?

Is it because FC178 offers the best service to its members?

Is it because FC178 has fast cash-in and cash-out services?

Is it because FC178 is reputable and trustworthy?

Yes, more than one million FC178 members say YES. They love FC178, and FC178 serves its members the best.

You can play free slot, fishing, cockfight, baccarat, blackjack, poker, dice at anytime and anywhere, just through your smart phone (smart mobile). Both FC178 website and FC178 APP can work on your smart mobile very well.

Now register or sign up at FC178 to receive free bonus. Through this bonus, you can play free gambling games on FC178. The most important thing is, you can withdraw your money if you won the prizes. Just give it a try, you won't regret!

FC178 offers a lot of promotions (activities) for all of our valued members, such as a free trial for new member, deposit bonus, daily bonus and high turnover or cash rebate activity. FC178 is the absolutely best casino in the Philippines in 2023.

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