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How To Use FC178 Voucher Code?

FC178 has 2 types of voucher code for all Filipino players. One is registration code for players haven't been FC178 members, another one is promotion code for FC178 members.

Registration code only can be used while FC178 registration process, but the promotion code can be used anytime.

Use Registration Code While Registration FC178

Players must enter the registration code (voucher code) while registration. Follow steps below to be one of FC178 members and use the voucher code (registration code) at the same time.

  1. Click "JOIN NOW"

  2. Set up your game account, like user name, mobile number and your password

  3. Enter the voucher code to use registration voucher code

  4. If the registration voucher code is valid, you'll see your referral user.

FC178 voucher code join now
fc178 using voucher code step2
FC178 voucher code enter voucher code
FC178 voucher code success 4

Use Promotion Code When You Have It

FC178 members can use promotion code any time when you receive the voucher code. Follow steps below to claim your bonus

  1. Click "Member"

  2. Select "Promotion List"

  3. Find the "SPECIAL VOUCHER" and enter your voucher code

  4. Check the promotion detail and apply if you agree the terms and conditions

FC178 promotion code 1
FC178 Using voucher code step 2 by promotion
FC178 promotion code 3
FC178 promotion code 4
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