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You Should Know 5 Things Before Play Slot Games in Online Casino

5 things you should know before play slots on online casino

If ask someone that why he/she likes slot games, you may hear 2 answers: fun and win. Are they right? You may have some different insights after read this guide.

We often see in the news or on the internet that there're lucky guys have won the jackpot of the slot machine or the first prize of the lottery. You may think that they are very lucky. Only lucky guys can win, but I am not a lucky guy like them. If so, then I am here to tell you that your concept is right. And this right concept is going to let you make money on slot machines.

Correct Concept One: Responsible Gambling

1. Gambling game is for fun, not a way to make money, making money is just added fun.

2. The cost of gambling should not affect your life, set a reasonable and acceptable budget and time, and strictly abide by this guideline in any case

3. Understand the risks and benefits of gambling, and set profit points and loss points

4. Gambling can be fun, but not the solution

5. Seek government or professional help if you find yourself addicted

Correct Concept Two: Return to Player Rate

If you start today and play slot machines non-stop for twenty years, under normal circumstances, you will only win back 90% of your money, that is, you will lose about 10% of your money. The reason for this is because each slot machine has a parameter called "return to player rate". This parameter is the result of statistics from a long time and a large data. The result of your bet will be closer to this parameter if you play more and more time.

Therefore, you must choose a slot machine with a high RTP rate to have more chances to win. FC178 provides slot machines with a player return rate as high as 96~98% for members to play, ensuring that every member can have fun at FC178 online casino!

Note: "Return to Player" is very important, but it is not an absolute factor, because playing slot machines in the short term depends on your skills and luck.

Correct Concept Three: Choose a Slot Machine

Choose the type of slot machine you like, there are many types of slot machines, simple, complex, jackpot, free game, high bet, low bet, easy to win, all you want. For example, if you like simple gameplay, easy to win, and free games, then I recommend you to play FC (Fa Chai) Chinese New Year 2, which is very simple to play, easy to win, and there are free games to play. If you like simple games with high bonuses, then I recommend JILI Money Coming, as long as you got 3 symbols in a line, you can get bonuses, up to 88 times the betting amount. Picking the slot machine that suits you is more important than anything else!

FC178 tells you a secret to win, first, bet with a small amount, if you lose several times in a row, try to increase the bet amount, once you win the prize, then reduce the amount. If you start to lose several times, increase the amount. According to this mode of operation, you can minimize your losses and get the most benefits when you win!

After reading this article, I believe you already have a certain understanding of slot machines in online casinos. Try your skills now, register an account at FC178, receive a free 178 pesos bonus, and choose the slot machine that you like. Using these free bonuses to challenge slots, let's see how much money you can win!

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