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JILI Golden Empire - Exciting and Crazy Online Slot Game

JILI Online Slot Machine - Golden Empire

"The Inca Empire is brimming with gold. Let the Chieftain lead you into the Temple of the Sun and uncover the hidden gold hoard. Variable discs and gold frames transform into wild cards, adding to the excitement of continuous wins and pleasant surprises!" - Quote from JILI Games Official

Golden Empire Slot

Type of game Slot

Publish time 2021

Highest multiplier 2,000X

Special features Up to 32,400 connections

Gold frame symbols are eliminated and turned into available wild cards

Free game with unlimited multiplier accumulation

Platforms Windows/ Android/ MAC/ HTML5

JILI Golden Empire, one of the most famous and popular online slots in the Philippines since 2022

Golden Empire at FC178 offers an exciting and thrilling slot experience. It's easy to win small prizes continuously, but winning big prizes is challenging. However, if you hit the jackpot, the prize is incredibly shocking and amazing.

Golden Empire Slot Game At FC178


Similar to most online slots, winning occurs when you have the same symbols from the first to the third column, see image below. The size of the prize depends on the different icons and quantities, resulting in varying reward levels.

The Gameplay of Golden Empire

Free Games - 8 Free Spins for Four SCATTERs

If four SCATTERs appear in one result, you win 8 free spins. The number of free spins increases to 10 if five SCATTERs appear.

4 SCATTER hit the Free Games, Golden Empire

When you trigger the free games, the most important aspect is that your chance of winning big is approaching! According to the game rules, each time you clear the same symbols, your clearing factor increases by one without resetting during a free game. You can accumulate factors continuously, leading to the chance of winning very big prizes.

The rules of Golden Empire Free Games

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