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The Hottest FC Slot Game: Chinese New Year 2

Chinese New Year 2: Chinese folklore

the hottest slot game from FC in the Philippines: Chinese New Year 2

According to Chinese folklore, the Spring Festival brought forth the fearsome Nian Beast, a creature that emerged from winter's depths. This savage creature invaded homes, targeting victims at midnight. To repel it, people lit bonfires and set off firecrackers, scaring the Nian Beast away.

In FC Slot's best Chinese-themed game inspired by this lore, landing firecracker symbols on all five reels activates an exhilarating free game feature. This feature can be triggered repeatedly, granting potential access to up to 100 free games. During these rounds, rewards are substantial, with a chance to win up to 72 times your bet.

Immerse yourself in the Nian Beast's captivating realm, experiencing the Spring Festival's thrill as you partake in this slot game. Triumph over the Nian Beast and claim the rewards that await!

play FC Chinese New Year 2 at FC178

How to play Chinese New Year 2 at FC178

  1. When Scatter symbols appear across all five reels, the free game feature triggers.

  2. Distinct multipliers are applied based on the symbol count. Over five symbols, the minimum multiplier is 3, while the maximum reaches 72.

  3. During the free game feature, obtaining the symbol on five or more reels awards an extra 13 free games.

  4. The premier FC Slot Game offers a retriggerable free game feature, possibly awarding up to 100 free games in total.

  5. Upon retriggering, the multiplier remains consistent with the initial free game activation.

  6. The system will commence automatically during disconnection or user inactivity exceeding 10 seconds in auto status.

  7. Combining adjacent patterns from left to right on the reels results in a combo bonus. In case of any malfunction preventing a game outcome, the game will not hold.

play Chinese new year 2 at

Chinese New Year 2 Payline

Combining neighboring patterns from left to right on the roller results in a combo bonus

FC slot game: Chinese new year 2 pay-line illustration

Chinese New Year 2 Payouts

The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol

When the scatter icon appears on all five reels, the player will be rewarded with 13 free spins

Chinese New Year 2 Item & Odds

5 x 5

4 x 1.5

3 x 0.5

5 x 2

4 x 0.8

3 x 0.4

5 x 1.75

4 x 0.6

3 x 0.3

5 x 1.25

4 x 0.4

3 x 0.25

5 x 1

4 x 0.2

3 x 0.1

5 x 0.9

4 x 0.15

3 x 0.08

5 x 0.8

4 x 0.15

3 x 0.06

5 x 0.07

4 x 0.01

3 x 0.05

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