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Tips to Make Money Through FC178 Special Agents Program - 1

In this article, I will show you how to make money through FC178 SAP (shorted for Special Agents Program). If you don't know what's the FC178 Special Agents Program, you can read the last article for detail. Read What's is the FC178 Special Agents Program

As you may know, now we're in a IT (Information technology) generation, which means you can do most of things through internet, including making money. The most of known way is being a KOL, youtuber, Tiktoker, Twitter, Facebook, IG, live streaming, Weibo and etc. These guys are all making money trough the internet, so here's the question. Why you can't do it, but they can?

The key point is they eager to make money and they willing to do thing to make money. I'd say, we may not a genius like these creative KOLs and making so much money, but we still can make actions to create passive income and make packet money for our better future.

Let's cut to the chase.

Here are some tips for each online platform, you can choose the one you familiar or you like to start making money. But the first of all, you need to register as a FC178 member, so that you can get your exclusive link or QR code. Once you have this link then we can start to make money.

1. Website

If you are a IT guys, then I guess this is a piece of cake for you. Build up a website and put your exclusive link or QR code on it. After it, we need to raise the traffic of your website, so that you can get more impression and click, these two will effect your passive income directly, so they are very important.

The simple way to raise your traffic is to advertise your website, but the cost is pretty high, so I will suggest you search "Google SEO" (Google Search Engine Optimization) and follow the suggestions from the professional all over the world to optimize your website, so that you can get more impression.

For example, you can create a website which named "Happy Slot", "Free Bingo", "Free Bonus" or something that the Filipino may like.

Even this website "FC178 Casino" is also a website for promoting FC178. I wrote articles to raise my impression and get more click, once people read my articles and register as a FC178 member through my link, I will receive the bonus and commission from FC178.

Secretly saying, I almost did nothing but I can receive around 20,000~30,000 Pesos every week. It just because I create this website to promote FC178 and my FC178 exclusive link for new players in the Philippines.

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